A Bug’s life: Latest macro pictures

by Lala

The summer garden has been showing off lately. So many beautiful herbs, fruit and veggies in bloom and fruiting. We have also been blessed with lots of rain in between the heat. All this is a great combo for attracting pollinators to the garden. Here are a few of the visitors I’ve captured lately.

All the pictures are taken with my Canon 700D & 100mm L macro lens.

Below: Do you know this green insect? I’d appreciate an ID. I caught these two having lunch on my prolific feverfew plant. I was lucky enought to get this plant as a self-sown freebie, when it sprouted from the mondo grass my in-laws gave me to use as a border in the food forest.

Below: Two more insects, this time on chamomile flowers



Below: This last one is of a dragonfly, not in my garden, but taken during a recent visit to the Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens.

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