About Me

by Lala


Hi there, I’m Lala, the creator of The Rain Queen, a proudly South African green lifestyle, home, food and product info blog. This is a space to share my ever increasing home and garden projects; chat about products that I use to make life easier and greener; and post pictures and videos of interesting sights and sounds from home and our travels.

So why the name “Rain Queen” ? As a young South African woman, I’ve always been taken with the idea of the female only dynasty led by the successive Modjadji or Rain Queens, of the Balobedu people of Limpopo province. Sadly this dynasty ended in 2005 when the last Modjadji died, but a decade later in 2015 it was announced that Queen Modjadji VII, the 10 year old Masalanabo Modjadji would be inaugurated. This took place in 2016 and I hope it will signal a new era of prosperity and peace for the Balobedu. The Rain Queens are believed to have mystical power over the clouds and rainfall. As an avid gardener in water scarce South Africa, I have a deep appreciation for rain and it’s importance to sourcing bounty from our land. So the name Rain Queen seemed quite fitting.

As for me, I’m a busy wife to my IT Guy hubby and mom to a very active toddler, who is growing up far too quickly for my liking.


I’m in senior management at a large, public organisation. When I started the blog I was working on my Masters degree in Public Administration & graduated in 2016! As of 2017, I am doing my PhD in Public Management focused on the governance and administration of environmental programmes(of course). If I could go back and study anything else, it would be horticulture or agriculture.