Apple update: Crabapple, Granny Smith & Early Red One

by Lala

My little malus purpurea crabapple has done a great job of flowering but not too good of a job with setting fruit. I posted previously about the beautiful pink blossoms it set, much earlier than the Early Red One and Granny Smith had even broken dormancy. All those masses of deep purple and pink flowers have left me with one lonely little fruit.

Malus purpurea crabapple fruit

The Granny Smith apple has not put out a single blossom, so I have given up on the dream of fruit from that tree this year. It has put out lots of foliage though.

The Early Red One apple blossomed for a short while and managed to coincide with the crabapple. However the spent blossoms don’t look promising.

Early Red One apple blossom

Early Red One apple blossoms

The heat and the water restrictions imposed in Gauteng in recent weeks have not been forgiving. I suspect these might be contributing factors in the blossoms’ demise. This is the first year of growth in the garden for all three of my apple apple trees, so I will remain patient. They are barely over 1.5 metres tall.

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