Blueberries in South Africa have set loads of fruit

by Lala

Success! Both of the Brigitta blueberry plants I bought last summer are heavy with fruit. They should be ready to pick by Christmas. The Brigitta seems to be an early variety in my climate. Brigitta bloomed and started setting fruit before the TifBlue.

About a month ago I posted about feeding all the plants with manure, as that is what I have read the American blueberry farmers do in spring. Well my plants just took off in the few weeks since then. I fed them with manure and diluted fish emulsion. I need to add more fish emulsion as we’ve now had rain after a few weeks of extremely hot and dry weather.

This is how the smaller of my Brigitta plants has progressed:

Brigitta blueberry grown in south africa

The TifBlue put out lots of flowers and started setting fruit but none made it. The fruit shriveled away in the heat. I though maybe they were overwhelmed by the mustard plant I had in the pot, so I removed it but still, no good. The blueberry plant itself have out on a lot of leaves and grown much bigger. Maybe next year.

TifBlue blueberry potted
Above: Good looking plant, but no fruit this year.

I also planted two more varieties that have done well. I got one Centurion blueberry (center) and two Legacy blueberries (on either end). One of the Legacies had blossoms on it when I bought them, but they didn’t hold on to their fruit.

Growing Centurion and Legacy blueberries in South Africa

The Centurion in the middle had pushed out three beautiful blossoms but I’m not holding out for them to set. It will be better if the plants focus on growing this season. I was looking forward to the Legacy blueberries because they have been rated as one of the best tasting varieties in the USDA trials. Again, maybe a good bet for next year.

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