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If you have any questions about the various blog posts, please comment on that specific post, so that our conversation can help other people who visit that post in future. Otherwise you can drop me an email.

I welcome products sent for review, by brands that I feel speak to the approach of the blog and my interests. Topics include gardening, travel, health, green lifestyle, natural and sustainable beauty products, food, wine, products for babies and children, as well as photography.

Contact me via email:

Or on Twitter: @The_RainQueen to discuss collaborations.


If you are on this page enquiring about blueberries, you can find the list of nurseries that sell blueberry plants on this post:

You can also visit which is a wholesale grower that supplies major nurseries and some supermarkets like Spar with blueberry plants and several other types of berries, many of which are relatively new to SA gardeners. I think Leander will be able to either sell directly to you or advise you on your closest nursery or retailer that carries their product.

Good luck & happy growing.

The format of my reviews include posts on the blog, cross posting on social media and videos on my YouTube channel if the content allows.


Examples of my reviews, both sponsored and un-sponsored are below:



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