Container gardening: Big in Japan pt1

by Lala

Monday’s #plantchat topic on Twitter was container gardening, which is something I enjoy. In fact I’d say my container garden situation has recently gotten a bit out of hand, as I’ve got many plants in trays, many empty pots, potting soil and amendments sitting waiting for me to do something. There are also a lot of containers crowding out our braai boma. It’s so bad that when we did have a braai this past weekend, we had to spend a bit of time moving all my potted plants…oops!

Back to Japan. When we were visiting that amazing country in June, I noticed that on almost every front porch in th cities and suburbs of Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka there were loads of potted plants. In some areas the residents even placed their potted plants along the streets on the pavements. It must be a popular planting method due to space constraints.

Here are a few pictures I shared with the #plantchat community on Monday on Twitter, as well as a few more.

These pictures are from Yanaka, Tokyo not too far from Ueno Park. We were on our way to a hipster market area.

A potted raspberry. I have a similar variety growing at home. Mine looks just like this, so I assume this must be another thornless raspberry:

Raspberry Japan

I’d love a plant ID for this mysterious curly leafed one. I think it is a variety of orchid:

Mystery curly leaf orchid in Japan

Our host identified this as a sort of melon. To the right, you can see another (droopy leafed) cucurbit):
Cucumber melon

More surprising potted plant pics from Japan coming soon…there were so many!

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