Cool season veggies I’m growing this year

by Lala

I had great success growing different varieties of leafy greens like Asian cabbages / brassicas & mustards. I went months without buying any salad greens from Woollies. I had so much that was also able to make my own kimchi  when I went got back from Japan (using Durban Masala spices) & share some with family. I’m looking forward to making that again.

The greens I have this year include:

Tatsoi, Mizuna, common rocket, red rocket & frilly mustard. I don’t have the Asian “Green in Snow” mustard that was such a superstar last year. If I spot it, I will get it. I’m also growing some colourful lettuces in mixed pots by the kitchen. More on those in a later post.


Last year I didn’t do well with kale, purple cauliflower & romanesco broccoli. The birds ate them before they were big enough to harvest. I’m trying all three again. The kale was bought as seedlings in a tray and the cauliflower and spiral broccoli were started from seed about a month ago. I have way too much and need to start thinning it and sharing with friends and family.

I’m looking forward to the kale because I buy/eat and insane amount of it in smoothies, stir frys and stews. My #herbchat friends on Twitter say that kale is perfect for growing in winter and actually becomes sweeter once it’s been exposed to frost. I may also try baking some kale chips, but just as an experiment. I don’t imagine they taste very good.



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