Eco-friendly wipes & a new diaper style

by Lala

I’m very excited to post today, because I’ve received some packages. Getting packages from friends and online shopping makes it feel like Christmas every day doesn’t it? Yesterday I received a fantastic new type of cloth nappy / cloth diaper that I’d been unsuccessfully searching for since I started cloth diapering my little one. More about that in this post:
Bamboo charcoal minky diapers / nappies

The featured image is of Naty wipes, by Nature Babycare. Normal baby wipes are not biodegradeable and they are often bleached with harsh chemicals like chlorine, which can irritate your baby’s skin. Not to mention, they are not good at all for the environment. Moms who choose to reduce their baby’s impact on the environment team up their cloth nappies with eco-friendly wipes. These can be re-usable cloth wipes or disposables.

We’ve been using Naty baby wipes for about two months now. I can’t take credit for finding them though. My husband, from his own initiative, found the wipes for sale online and has been buying them on specials when they come up. Naty is an American company that makes a range of eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable baby & mom products including nappies, wipes, cloths and bags. They seem to be very popular with eco-conscious celeb parents like Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, Giselle, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Love Hewitt and even old Dawson (James van der Beek) & his wife.

Naty babycare celebs
Pic is from the Naty Baby website.

I’ve found the wipes to be excellent in quality. They haven’t won those international awards for nothing. The texture of the wipes is almost like a light fabric and not at all flimsy or paper like, which I was expecting from wipe that is supposed to be biodegradeable. I was worried about using eco-friendly wipes to clean up poo because they may possibly fall apart while in use. But these hold up perfectly and they can be flushed too. Some people compost the urine wipes, but I don’t want any sort of human waste in the compost heap, only the chicken kind.

The wipes are available in unscented and aloe infused, which is great for those sensitive little bottoms. Personally I prefer using a scented wipe and so far those do agree with my baby. I’ve liked using the Naty wipes, but I won’t rate them as my absolute favourites. They are also not readily available in South Africa, nor are they they cheapest.

I’ve found that the Cherubs Eco friendly wipes actually outperform these. The Cherubs are available at Spars, Pick n Pay and so on. They are also biodegradeable, flushable & they are scented. But, you have to select the eco-friendly ones specifically. Not all of the Cherubs wipes are eco-friendly.

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