Grateful for the rain

by Lala

We are currently enjoying a week of humidity, precipitation (a bit of hail and lots of rain) and cool temperatures after last week’s heatwave. On this time last week the max temp hit 42.5C in some parts of Pretoria.

I felt that the heat was dangerous I kept the dogs and the baby in the house or under the lapa with huge tubs of water nearby. Going out into the garden seemed a bit like venturing out into Mars away from the living quarters / habitat(I recently watched the Martian).

I tried to get the garden to survive by watering daily after 6pm, when the water restrictions allow. Most of the plants pulled through and are recovering very well now with the rain and sustained cloud cover and humidity.

Unfortunately as can be seen from the main picture of my stevia, Siam Thai Queen basil, Dark lady basil and basil mint, there have been casualties. My kitchen window herbs seemed fine one morning and by noon they were desiccated. Container plants do need extra TLC as the containers dry out much quicker, especially if they’re small. I’ve moved them outside completely to get some rain on them. They have started to look better although I’ll have to cut some back.

Cheers for now.

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