Growing heirloom tomatoes & volunteers

by Lala

This is the start of our tomato crop for this year. I’ve planted 16 tomato seedlings in the square foot garden out in the front.

I’ve got some Roma and Floridade tomatoes, as well as a green and yellow striped, heirloom variety called Pineapple. I found it at Builder’s Warehouse of all places. They really continue to surprise me with the novelties they stock in their garden centre from time to time.

I am quite excited to see how the Pineapple variety looks and tastes in person. Along with these are my usual volunteer / self-planted cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes sprouted in the container I have in the courtyard. I transplanted 3 or 4 of them to the garden.

Tomato rows

I didn’t label the individual plants or pay close attention when I was planting, so I won’t know which is which, with any certainty until they bear fruit.

The tomatoes will be fertilised with fish emulsion once a week. I’ll be comparing their progress to previous tomato crops that I only fertilised at the time of planting.

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