I moved to China – Treasures & tea

by Lala

So much has happened since my last post. I have left South Africa, my favourite people and my beautiful garden, chickens & dogs for new adventures in Shanghai, China. I will be re-starting my plant and specifically orchid and succulent collection here. I look forward to sharing that with you.

I arrived in autumn, not long before the Golden Week public holiday, celebrating the national day of China. I ventured out around the city to take in some culture and nature. My first stop was Century Park in Shanghai, where I attended an exhibition of Chinese & Japanese pottery & crockery. Antique & contemporary styles were on exhibit. All of them exquisitely crafted.

Exhibition hall at Century Park, Shanghai
Beautiful Japanese art & pottery.

Valuable, even when broken

It is amazing to see these delicate pieces of history, so carefully preserved. A few of the exhibits included broken pottery. This is somethings that speaks to the enduring value and rarity of the pieces. Even when they are in pieces, they remain valuable. I think there is a life lesson there for all of us. Despite what you may have been through in your life, you are unique and valuable – a limited edition of One, because there will never be another You.

Japanese Kintsukuroi

If, like me, you read a lot of (sometimes cheesy) inspirational books and quotes, you may be familiar with posts about the Japanese pottery technique called kintsukuroi. Broken pottery is mended by binding the pieces with gold or silver and copper aggregates. I had only seen this on the internet, not even when I was in Japan in 2015. I was thrilled to finally see it in person.

If you have been following my blog since 2015, you may recall that my Japanese host grandfather in Nagaokakyo, in Kyoto prefecture has a beautiful traditional Japanese exhibition house & pottery shop, designed by his architect friend. I am excited to share this post with my host mom Haruna, so that she can share this with him.

Click on each image in the gallery below to see it full size. It is worth it.

Shades of blue

Bursts of colour

I hope you have enjoyed this post of my first solo adventure in China. I will share more from this day in a another post, on nature photography. I look forward to more wonderful days out.

Great news is that my adventures will not only be solo. I have met some fellow bloggers here, and we have been enjoying nightlife, long scenic walks and restaurants together. Some day trips and weekends away are planned for travel posts.  I will share their content & links in upcoming collaborative posts. Lots more to come, including videos.

Cheers for now.

Tea shop at the Science & Technology Museum subway station, Line 2, Shanghai.

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