Looking for some hot stuff: Chilli salsa recipe

by Lala

I love hot, spicy food and of course growing lots of different types of chillies. Once of the easiest ways to use & store my hot pepper crops is with a simple salsa. This is one I made earlier with several varieties of chillies including:

Ayababa, Karneval & African birds eye (peri peri). The chillies were chopped up with all their seeds retained.
Chilli salsa recipe 1 TheRainQueen

I also added seeds left from my home grown coriander (cilantro) & a couple of bay leaves from the plant in the square foot garden. I also added a bit of chopped up ginger and garlic.

For the brine I used water, sugar & vinegar to taste. The brine should be enough to just cover the solid ingredients. I shook it all up in a sterilized glass jar. I sterilize the jars and lids in a basin full of just boiled water.

Chili salsa recipe 2 TheRainQueen

There are no volumes of quantities listed because this recipe really depends on what you like and what you have available. Later today I’ll make a salsa with mostly Bishops Crown peppers (capsicum baccatum), as the fruit on the three bushes in the square foot garden have started turning red. There are many flowers budding, so it is a good idea for me to harvest now so I can keep getting a continuous crop.

This salsa can be eaten right away but is best left to ferment for a week or so in a cool, dark cupboard. You can check it for bubbles to ensure it is fermenting and also open the lid to let excess gas out. If you use decorate glass jars, the salsa also makes a great gift for the Chilli lovers in your life.

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