My roses: Yellow St Patrick / Irish Luck

by Lala
My wedding bouquet
Wedding shoes, garter & flowes
Wedding reception flowers
St Patrick / Irish Luck roses in my Highveld garden

Until I got so crazazy into striped roses, yellow roses were my favourites. These are some of the St Patrick aka Irish Luck roses I grew in my tiny front garden at our previous house. The particular rose bush did incredibly well over the two years I was there, from the time I planted it (along with a red Juanita du Plessis & a pink Duftwolke).

It made so many blooms from spring into early winter. The year before we moved there, we got married & of course my wedding flowers featured yellow roses. I absolutely loved how my bouquet and the rest of our wedding flowers. Yellow is still my favourite Colour.

In our current home I’ve planted another St Patrick rose bush. It’s still young and because I bought it when it was very small, I didn’t manage to get any long-stemmed, pickable blooms for my vases. It did grow quite a bit over the season so I’m expecting it and all the roses I planted in 2014 to be spectacular this year.

In the language of flowers, yellow roses amongst others, signify happiness. Have a happy Friday!

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