Our chickens’ first egg & today’s harvest

by Lala

Oh what an afternoon!  One of our Brahma chickens laid their first egg today. I heard a lot of clucking and a commotion outside. I thought of the worst…maybe the dogs or a neighborhood cat had somehow got hold of them or into their chicken run. But thankfully there was no incursion.

I ran over to the Chicken McMansion and found Paris flapping her wings outside the igloo and Lindsay just walking around. Nobody seemed harmed, so I was very relieved. I looked into the igloo and saw the very first, organic, homegrown egg from our backyard chickens. It’s quite small, compared to a store bought XL Free Range egg, but it’s bigger than I thought their first egg would be.

Eggs and acorn

I found that random acorn in the garden, near the chicken run. The rest of today’s harvest was Cayenne chilies (the nursery tag named them as Long Red), and one Uyababa chilly, on the far right. It’s a bit smoother on the outside than the Cayennes. I’m looking forward to a taste test. I don’t know if I’m leaving the Cayennes on the plants too long or not, but many of them were split open. I need to find out what that’s about. I might have to pick all of them green & hope they turn red.

Chillies and egg 2

There’s also still that one chilli plant whose chillies grow with their ends straight up. It was supposed to be a Cayenne Long Red, too. They all came in they same tray, but it’s clearly a different plant. I’m going to look it up & see what it could be.

Up and down chillies

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