Plant ID? Purple tufted amaranth looking beauty

by Lala

I haven’t been doing much gardening or elaborate cooking lately due to the heatwave, work and academics. Since the previous post I’ve been so lucky to find more unusual / new to me plants. Some were even gifted to me. I will post about those soon.

Today I’d like some help identifying a beautiful house plant I picked up at Pick n Pay, as part of their Christmas plant displays. The usual Poinsettia does nothing for me, and they did have those on offer. In addition to that they had Gloxinias (post coming soon) and these beauties of which I bought two:

Plant ID redo right purple amaranth

I have no idea what they are but I had to have them because they are absolutely striking. They’ve done well so far in this dry heat. The one I keep on the kitchen window sill is often a bit wilted, compared to the one on the dining room table. The one on the table is in a very bright area, but not in direct light and heat like the one at the window. I’ve kept them watered and both spring back within minutes.

The closest I can come to an ID is that these are likely in the amaranth family. The purple tufts remind me of the red tufts on Love Lies Bleeding amaranth (which grows wild in the disturbed and very dry soil behind my office building). The leaves are also very amaranthus like, as I often see variegated wild ones that looking almost identical to this:

Plant needed needed purple tuft amaranthus

If you know this beauty’s name, do leave a comment below or on Twitter. Bye for now.

Thanks to reader Lorraine who has identified this plant as a Celosia, which is indeed part of the Amaranthus family (but not one of the edible ones).

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