Planted white grapes

by Lala

It has been a busy couple of weeks and today was no different. The spring garden is absolutely bursting with blossoms and green shoots.

I’ve had 4 cuttings of white grape from my in-laws sitting in an ice bucket filled with water for over a month. My delay in planting it was the dogs getting hold of the sticks. I haven’t managed to buy fencing to keep them out of more if the garden beds.

Today I decided to throw caution to the wind and plant the grape against a wall in the south side of the garden. It gets plenty of afternoon sun and retains heat. The grape cuttings broke dormancy weeks ago, so I’m concerned they may not take. Let’s see how it goes. This is my first time growing grapes. I passed up on many plants last summer because we couldn’t find a sweet seedless grape. This variety (I forget the name, I’ll update later) does have seeds but it was free, so why not?

I’ll have to give these cuttings lots of water and TLC in the weeks ahead.

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