Planting out my double jalapeño peppers

by Lala

Nurseries often plant chillies two to a pot. Better to leave them together when they’re this developed, or risk losing one or both. I experienced this last year when I bought a rather large Uyababa (c annuum) that turned out to be two plants. I separated them and one didn’t make it.

Just this past week I bought a pair of jalapeños in the same condition. The stems are about 0.5cm in diameter. As you can see below, the roots are very intricately intertwined. I repotted them together in potting soil with coco peat and organic Bounce Back fertilizer pellets. I think the plants do fine. They’re just wilting in the heatwave we’re having & maybe a bit of transplant shock.

One of the jalapeño peppers fell off while I was repotting the plants. I saved it for a taste test. I’ve never had a fresh jalapeño before, always the pickled ones from jars and on top of nachos. That is part of the reason I decided to buy the plants.

This is a very young pepper so the heat wasn’t developed. I did a bit of reading and learnt that jalapeños get hotter as they mature and actually turn red, but commercial growers never let them get to that stage. The flesh of the pepper is very thick and tastes like a sweet green pepper. Only when I got to the seeds and pith did I get a kick of flavor and heat. Very hot and kind of fruity flavor. Not eye wateringly hot for me, but still enough that I had to chase it with a glass of milk.

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