Red Intuition rose flower arrangement & FOMO

by Lala

After a very long autumn day working in the garden, transplanting lots of herbs, salad greens & vegetables, I turned to my flowers. This is one of my absolute favourite roses, Red Intuition. Somehow, with just a day or so before winter officially starts, the bush still had a rose on it.

Seeing that last red rose inspired me to pick more flowers for a little flower arrangement to brighten up the house. It’s nothing as spectacular as the armfuls of roses, perennial sage and more that I get in spring and summer, but I still appreciate my garden.

Flower arrangement

I’ve named the arrangement “Immortality” in honour of the persistence of the Red Intution & Iceberg roses, as well as the strelitzias. It’s a bit abstract and sparse, but there is a certain dramatic beauty in that.

I’m also really happy to report that the ranunculus I bought from Hadeco earlier this month has already broken ground! There are little leaf spears of about 10 – 20cm poking out of the ground already. I thought all the action would be in spring! I can’t wait to see them. I’m also looking forward to seeing the peonies. I hope they get going as fast as the ranunculus. They are still to arrive in June.

My garden centre addiction persists. I visited a different one this week (the third one in a week) and got some pots, acid compost & of course more plants. I found some amazing things that I will be posting about soon. I regret not having bought tulips from Hadeco (they are no longer in stock), after seeing how much three tulip bulbs in a pot cost, from supermarkets and garden centres alike. I have such FOMO every time I leave a garden centre, about all the things I didn’t or cannot get.

I also saw the most gorgeous black fig trees…Rond de Bordeaux. The price is a bit steep, but the reviews for the variety’s taste and disease resistance have me hoping and wishing. I ate a lot of black figs from Woolies earlier in the year and they weren’t cheap. Perhaps getting my own supply will save me same money in the long run. I’m trying to justify getting this expensive French fig tree to myself, hahaha! I may get it for the front garden, as a birthday present for myself, once things settle down at the end of June.

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