Review: Bam+Boo Baby All-in-2 nappy

by Lala

The world of modern cloth nappies certainly has many options available to suit the needs of babies and Eco conscious, busy parents. This week, Baby B & I have been trying out the Bam+Boo Baby All-in-2 nappy, sent through by Sally for us to review. The All-in-2 style is a new one for us, but it has been very easy to use, change and wash as it is quite similar in some ways to the pocket style bamboo nappies. The All-in-2 name comes from the fact that the nappy has a pocket for an insert in the outer cover and has a snap on insert and booster inside. That is quite a secure system, especially for heavy wetters and night time use.

The nappy has a soft, peached fabric outer cover, with a waterproof TPU inner lining. I love soft fabrics on my baby, so this is a plus.

Velcro waist

As you can see on the featured image at the begining of the post, the Bam+Boo Baby All-in-2 nappy has a Velcro strip at the waistband and three rows of snaps. The Velcro “wing” tabs of the nappy remained in place while baby played, slept and scooted around on his belly.

Nappy leg gusset
I absolutely love the engineering on this nappy. The double gusset on the leg provides that extra sense of security which not only contributes to a snug (but comfortable fit), but also provides an extra layer of protection against leaks. This is essential for the very runny and unpredictable stools of teething babies who are also starting with solids.

This nappy is not the slimmest we’ve tried, but all of Baby B’s clothes fit just fine over it. As I’ve mentioned before, he is taller and chubbier than average for a 7-month-old, so we are currently buying him clothes in the 12-months & older sizes. The bulk of the nappy is due to the booster and snap-in insert. It is certainly bulkier with an insert in the outer pocket, but that is a small price for more security overnight and peace of mind on longer outings.

Absorption & leakproof power:
Two layers soaked all-in-2
The picture above left shows the soaker and booster quite well soaked and on the right, you can see there was no seeping or wicking to the sides. The urine had also not soaked to the lining of the outer cover, by the time I changed my little one. The inserts, along with biodegradable liners, worked well at keeping the moisture away from the baby’s skin too. I always apply a layer of coconut oil, rather than normal nappy cream.

Overall I found this to be a high quality, well engineered diaper. I was initially a bit sceptical about the Velcro but it was no hassle at all. The versatility of the booster & soaker, with the option of adding an extra insert in the outer shell’s pocket is just fab.

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