Rose of the month: Francois Krige

by Lala

I did not plan to get another red rose, as I already have Papa Meilland, Ingrid Bergman & Red Intuition amongst others. I prefer more variety and tend to lean towards the striped roses. However, after choosing all the roses I thought I wanted, I couldn’t resist Francois Krige, Ludwig’s Roses October Rose of the Month.

Most of my roses are the classic hybrid tea shape, and I now want to add some variety in the bouquets (I grow roses first and foremost as cut flowers). The unusual bud and bloom form just knocked me out.

I captured all of the pictures in today’s post at the Rose of the Month display at Ludwig’s Rose Farm.

Francois Krige rose bud

The roses of the month are also sold for around half price, so I couldn’t leave without one. This is part of the description of the rose on Ludwig’s website:

The plant is a robust bush; app. 1.5m high; long stemmed, huge globular buds open slowly into quartered, double blooms with the romantic appearance of yester-year roses; crimson-red colour does not lose its bright hue in the sun & the firm petals ensure an extraordinarily good lasting quality on the bush or in the vase.

Francois Krige (1913 – 1994)
Artist, traveller and recluse, Francois Krige remained something of an enigma in the South African art world during a long career spanning much of the twentieth century. Early in his career, Krige was awarded the medal of honour for painting and graphic art by the South African Academy for Science and Arts in 1949.

Francois Krige rose opening bud

The rose is unscented, but I don’t mind. Much like the unscented Ingrid Bergman, this rose’s long stems and dramatic looks will more than earn their keep in my garden. I have planted this rose along with some of my other new ones in a raised bed that runs along the north side of our house, outside our bedroom windows.

This rose is going to be a showstopper in my flower arrangements!

Francois Krige rose open

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