Sweet stevia in flower

by Lala

This is a quick pic of the stevia mentioned in the previous post. I absolutely love the little white flowers!

I haven’t decided where to plant it, or even whether to plant it in the the ground or a pot. I’ll have to research that. So far, I think the calico chilies, French thyme & sone leftover rocket & pak choi will go into the vertical garden pots.

So far I’ve managed to plant the kale, from the plants bought from Builders’ Warehouse earlier in the week. My mom-in-law also gave me 4 horseradishes from her garden, to plant out over here. They went into the Hazelnut kraal / squarefoot garden on Monday, along with the perennial basil & my little lengana (artemisia affra).

I almost planted the Murraya curry plant in the protected kraal out front, but it was getting too dark to work properly. I’ve dug a gole there already. I’ll see if its still a good spot later.

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