Today’s harvest: Uyababa & hot yellow chillies

by Lala

These are my absolute favourite of the chillies I’ve grown this season, and there’s been quite a few with mixed results taste wise. The red chili peppers are from the Uyababa (Zulu, meaning the hot/spicy one) chili plant I bought at Builder’s Warehouse of all places. They are an amazingly flavourful chili that is spicy and hot without burning your tastebuds beyond all hope. I like to chop them up into salads and omelettes made with eggs from our very own chickens.

It is similar to cayenne, but is a bit hotter and more strongly flavoured. The ripe chili is also smooth, unlike the slightly bumpy cayenne. I really wish these places would name their plants properly though. I have no idea what the actual species name of the chili is. At least if anyone reading is interested in getting it, you’ll know to hit up Builders.

The yellow chilies are way hotter, but again not blindingly so. The plant is a gift from hubby. He bought it for me at the Garden Shop nursery in the Greenlyn Center in Menlo Park. It’s where the Hazelfood Organic Market is hosted. The plant was simply labelled as “capsicum” which isn’t very helpful because that is a huge family of plants. These chilies look very ornamental as they ripen on the plant. There are green, PURPLE & yellow peppers all at the same time on the plant, until they all ripen to yellow.

I was so glad to get an ornamental yet tasty chili after getting the capsicum annuum medusa, that looked awesome but tasted of nothing. I eventually pulled them out of the garden to make space for yummy, useful things.

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