Travelogue: Miyajima island’s Samurai cosplay, tame deer, Mt Misen & more

by Lala

Today we spent the entire day on Miyajima Island, about a 20 minute train ride on the JR line from Hiroshima. Using our JR passes we were able to take the JR ferry from the mainland to the island for free. Our number 1 tip about visiting the island is to are up early and get their early. We were able to enjoy every attraction we chose to and avoided queues. By the time we left after 3pm, there were queues for everything and lots of people were still arriving via ferry.

This was so much fun:
Samurai cosplay Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island is an excellent family friendly, somewhat pet friendly destination with loads of tame deer walking around all over, a number of temples and shrines, hiking routes, plenty or beautiful scenes to photograph, a cable car system, a zoo and an aquarium. There are also many excellent restaurants, both budget friendly and more upscale. We tried one of the more upscale ones where I had a meal of deep fried oysters (oysters seem to be an island specialty) and my husband had pork cutlet, both served with rice and egg, along with green tea and soup.

I really enjoyed playing with the deer and feeding them.

Miyajima Japan deer

Until they attacked me later in the day, for my roasted chestnuts. Yes, there’s video. I’ll compile that later 🙂

Miyajima Island deer japan

The plant nerd in me thoroughly enjoyed the cable car ride and hiking (to a point).
Cable car Miyajima Japan

Flying overhead, I was able to spot and identify the following plants in the primordial forest:

    Camellia japonica growing wild (related to the tea plant, c. Chinensis)
    Wild apples (eating size, not crabapples)
    Camphor trees
    Cherry trees
    Japanese maples

I did my best but I stopped about 100m short of the summit of Mt Misen. I’ll post my husband’s pictures of the view later. This is the temple where I rested while he continued.

Mt Misen Miyajima Island Japan temple

There are many souvenir shops on the island, with everything from traditional clothing (very cheap jinbei & yukata), dolls, deer stuffed toys (I got a deer hand puppet for my baby boy, which squeaks just like the local deer), rice scoops etc. we passed by a shop with amazing wood carvings:

Wood carvings Miyajima Island

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