Uyababa hot chilli pepper still blooming in autumn

by Lala

The Uyababa chilli plant that I bought at Builders’ Warehouse last year is still doing well this time of year, when I expected it to have been dormant or dead a while ago. The bush is full of lots of white blossoms, meaning more fruit are on the way and there are still quite a number of chillies on there. The chillies are much smaller and not quite as beautiful as the ones that grew during summer, but they taste just as good as those ones.

The plant has survived periods of benign neglect very well. I have it potted in a mostly cow manure and compost medium. I haven’t fed any of my plants in well over two months. I figure at this late stage there’s no point in fertilising them because the tender new growth would just die off with the first frost.

I will bring it indoors so that it survives the winter. I am not investing in any grow lights, not even for my finicky Miracle plants. But maybe the warmth and a sunny windowsill will keep me in peppers until June.

Uyababa chilli pepper

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