Video: HoliOne JHB Colour & Neon Fest

by Lala

It’s not very often that you get to feel a sense of childlike wonder and joy, as an adult. Running around in the sunshine, dancing and getting your white clothes dirty will certainly give you that feeling. HoliOneJHB was my first Colour fest & I really had such a wonderful time.

The colour drops were, to quote Russell Peters: “Mindblasting!”

Thanks to organizer and DJ Mark Stent for putting together this rocking, uplifting, colorful & safe event on May 1st in Linksfield. The music, the people, the vibe…everything was amazing.

Here’s my video of how it all went down on Friday. Be sure you watch this full screen & in HD to get the full effect:

Yes, I’ve finally started with the videos, after two or so months of procrastination and genuinely being swamped with other things 🙂 More will come as time allows.

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