Video: Late summer magic

by Lala

There goes the summer. The morning sun rises a little later, afternoons are golden and many of the fruiting plants have started to wind down.

I can’t say I’m too heartbroken to see the end of this summer, dear friends. This season was brutal on my garden. I didn’t get the 2nd year roses I worked so hard for because of the heatwave. The water restrictions meant I couldn’t take care of the fruit and vegetables as I would’ve liked. The late spring hail storm in 2015 also destroyed what would’ve been a bumper crop of blueberries.

But we did have an incredible chili harvest, lots of herbs, self seeded basil & cherry tomatoes, delicious Floridade tomatoes, poppies success with repotted mini (and not so mini) supermarket roses. I’m grateful for another year of gardening and raising chickens.

Hope you enjoy the short video, made on a whim while testing out a new editing app, FilmoraGo.

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