Winter Woolies: Crochet lace-up baby booties

by Lala

Last week I posted about the crochet Baby Uggs I made for my little boy last year. Those were a very fun, quick project to do when I was pregnant & nesting.


Around that same time I knitted him a pair of blue, lace up booties as well. The laces and the adorable tongue aren’t very visible here because of the very fluffy wool I used as laces. If you use plain white yarn or wool, instead of the fancy, fluffy type, you’ll be able to see the clearly defined laces like a pair of Converse Chucks. I actually adapted this from a pattern I found for knitting socks that look like Chucks.

You can follow more or less the same patterns I used for the first pair, starting with a thick grade of acrylic or wool for the base, then a thinner type for the rest of the shoe. Just leave a gap for the tongue and then build it up once you’re done with the main part of the shoe.

Blue lace up booties

Of course you can make these in any adorable colour to suit your baby girl or your colour favourite scheme. I’m planning on making some more pairs to match her s various animal onesies, like an orange and black pair, to go with his Tigger suit.

Time to complete:
1 – 1.30 hours to make the pair.

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