Beginners guide to bulb gardening

by Lala

Having flowers around always brightens up a room and makes the whole house feel livelier. They can even double up as party decor at night, like the daffodils above. My friend’s mom planted these around their patio and placed lanterns at their base. The little drifts of daffodils looked amazing on that chilly spring night, a year or so ago, when we bid my friend farewell before she left to study in Germany.

If you’ve ever wanted access to flowers right in your own backyard, luckily it’s pretty easy to get started when you plant flower bulbs. This method of planting is good even for beginners with little or no gardening skills. ProFlowers has a chart detailing information about beginning your garden with bulbs.

Although the chart with the hardiness zones is specific to the USA, there is still a lot of excellent info for South African gardeners, and eager green-fingered folks around the web who are starting out with bulbs. To find your country’s hardiness zones visit this super useful especially page:
My hardiness zone is 9, southern Joburg is 8, Cape Town is 10/11 etc.

The ProFlowers infographic covers information like seasons, how deep in the ground to plant the bulb, what to plant based on where you live, and more. Check out the chart below for more details:

The Beginner

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