Berry beautiful – spring 2016 update on blueberries & more

by Lala

I’ve been quite busy tending to all sorts of berries this season. Pictured is a bee pollinating a blackberry bush at my in-laws. They gave me lots of cuttings – for the second time –  to start at home. Some have roots and others are stems only. These plants get huge & the blackberries are delicious and prolific.

I’m propagating them in trenches with lots of mulch. It is a little bit of a challenge because their soil must be kept moist until they all root, and we are in the midst of a hot spring with water restrictions. They should have taken hold by autumn.

Last time I didn’t manage to get them to root because they dried out before taking. I hope this time by using lots of mulch and watering in the mornings and afternoons, they will be kept happy.

Early blackberry fruit

Bee andie blackberry blossoms


Along with the new blackberries I still have the following growing:

– Youngberry

– 2x thornless Arapaho blackberries

– Weeping mulberry tree

Weeping mulberry tree

mulberry macro

and below Blueberries ripening (Brigitta)

Blueberries ripening

I don’t know why the Brigittas are growing like this with leaves on the bottom and bare canes at the top. The others are growing alright with leaves all over as shown in the picture below.

Below: Centurion blueberry on the left, pepino (fruit salad plant) in the middle and Brigitta blueberry on the right.

Blueberries and pepino

I’m looking forward to using all these berries in pancakes, tarts, home made ice-cream and smoothies. Of course my favourite way to enjoy them is picked fresh from the trees and bushes, and eaten just like that as I walk around the garden with my husband and little boy. Any extras will be frozen for the winter.

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