Bamboo Charcoal Minky diapers / nappies

by Lala

This is a sneak preview of the nappy I received from Eco Nappy Solutions to review. Just to give you some background, pocket style nappies on the market today come in different types of finishes. Both types I will mention are waterproof because the outer shell is lined with a PUL (polyurethane laminate) layer that is significantly waterproof but breathable. It isn’t a thick sheet of plastic like the waterproofs some of us may remember from the days of toweling nappies.

One type of diaper is the Bamboo charcoal nappy which I love. They have an outer, waterproof fabric that is solid and smooth to the touch. It’s almost like a soft, fabric polyester raincoat. The inside lining is made of grey, bamboo charcoal which is a processed fibre. It feels like fleece, is extremely absorbent (so it pulls moisture away from baby’s skin) and the grey colour doesn’t stain nearly as much as white fabrics. The other main type of pocket nappy has a soft, fluffy outer cover and they are all lined with the same fluffy white fabric. These are called Minky nappies (think soft like mink, but with a much shorter pile). I love the feel of them and they make cuddling the baby feel like cuddling a little teddybear.

I was a bit disappointed when I started cloth diapering, to find that there were no minky nappies with grey, bamboo charcoal lining. I searched high and low online, both locally and on overseas sites. Little did I know that Marion from Eco Nappy Solutions ran into the same problem, more than a year earlier. She then had this new type of nappy specially made for her, and has been testing them for a year. They’ve met her standards and are now available to buy. This is what it looks like with the different inserts and the *liner.

The very first (that I know of), Bamboo Charcoal Minky Diaper:

Cloth diaper sections

I will do a review of the nappy after I’ve washed it and the new inserts I’ve bought a few times. Washing the nappies and inserts improves their absorbency.

*liners are a must have. They protect the nappies from staining somewhat and they also catch the solids, so just grab the corners & flush. These ones are biodegradeable and flushable…make sure before you flush.

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