Crabapple blossoms: Malus purpurea

by Lala

As you may recall, earlier this year I was somewhat excited to find not only a gorgeous crabapple tree:
but one whose little apples are pink/red inside:

Well, my little tree put on an amazing show, with its leaves turning a deep, dark purple in autumn (hence the name Malus Purpurea), before losing all of them in winter. The crabapple is the first of my three apple trees to wake up this spring and put our blossoms. My Early Red One and Granny Smith are still just glorified sticks, although with swollen leaf and bud nodes.

Everything I’ve read about crabapple a describes them as ideal cross pollinators for all apples because they have a long flowing period. I hope so, because this one has quite mature blossoms and even some tiny fruit forming already. My eating apples haven’t even put out the tiniest of leaves yet. I would like to save the seeds after pollination and fruiting to see if I can get an eating apple with red flesh from the mix.

Here are the lovely crabapple blossoms:

Above: Tiny fruit already forming if you look carefully & the glossy purple leaf clearly visible.

Malus purpurea blossom crabapple

Crabapple  malus purpurea

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