Dandelions with my new 50mm lens

by Lala

I feel like I’m seeing the world with fresh eyes since I got my 50mm Canon lens last week. This is such a fun, light weight and versatile lens. I have really been missing out. I took it out into the wild (outside of my garden & kitchen) for the first time this past weekend. These dandelions were captured at Walkhaven dog park. Through the lens, they seem like part of a fairyland.

Dandelions Canon 50mm

The price is of this lens is the cherry on top, because this is one of the most affordable prime lenses available. I will be using this a lot more than the 100mm f2.8 L, which is extremely heavy for me and hard to work with in the heat (I know I need to start lifting in addition to all the running I’ve been doing). I tend to capture pics without the tripod so weight is a factor for me.

I’ve taken some lovely pics of my son and my husband at the park. I am so impressed with the control I have on composition with this lens. I am also about to take my food photography to the next level, haha. I bought myself the Tasha’s recipe book at the same time as the lens so I’ll be having some fun with food and pictures.

Canon 50mm lens Tasha's recipe book

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