Fat, sick & nearly dead + Green smoothie recipe

by Lala

I finally got to watch the inspirational “Fat, sick & Nearly Dead” documentary & it’s sequel about the health journey of Australian Joe Cross, who decided to go on a 60 day juice fast, while traveling across America. Both documentaries are available for streaming on Netflix right now. Joe visited people from all walks of life, and spoke to them about healthy eating. At the start of the first film, he was overweight, stressed and his immune system was flooding his body with histamines at the slightest normal interaction, like shaking hands. He attributed the compounding issues to a diet that is too high in processed foods.

Joe decided to change his diet to one that is more natural, but he did this with what he called a reboot – sticking to only fresh, juiced foods and no meat or processed food for those 60 days. In about 2 weeks he was looking amazing and had lost over 10kgs, if I recall correctly. After the 60 days he reincorporated other foods, but maintained 40% fresh fruit and vegetables via juicing. His literal and figurative journey inspired so many people to transform their lives. In the sequel a little boy diagnosed with arthritis at 2-years-old, and placed on a massive amount of medication including steroids and a type of chemo drug, became healthy and strong after his family started including more healthy fresh fruit and vegetables in their diets, via juicing.

My hubby & I are now rebooting, although not quite so extreme as to cut out all other food in lieu of juicing. We were very healthy about a year and half ago, especially right after I got my Magimix blender. We started every day with a smoothie, I drank liters of green tea and water, and I was dedicated to my Hip Hop Abs DVDs and even took up pole dancing classes for a while. As with many people, life got in the way quite literally. We conceived our little boy! Then we also moved house twice, beloved pets passed away, I started post graduate studies and then we had a little baby to look after. A major nutrition change has been far too many take always, because we are exhausted at the end of each day. Now that things are a bit more settled, we are getting back to our healthy living and eating.

Personally I don’t support juicing per se, because depending on the type of machine, you can end up throwing away tons of good fibre, vitamins and nutrients that are present in the skins and peels of many fruit and vegetables. I prefer using my blender to whizz up fruit and veg, peels and all, into delicious smoothies.

Here is a simple recipe, for one of my favorites. The quantities used depend on what I have on hand, and what I feel like having that day. The juice can be whatever 100% fruit juice you have on hand, or you can leave it out completely, which I often do.

Mean green smoothie recipe:

Spinach (or kale)
A carrot
Optional: a bit of 100% Apple or Grape juice

Blend everything together and enjoy. You can also add ice cubes for an extra chilled drink, if your blender allows.

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