Flavours of Mauritius – Flacq Food market & cooking demo

by Lala

Last year for Easter my little family and I visited the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. Apart from a well deserved break, I was of course very excited to see the plants, tropical fruit, spices and vegetables popular on the island. Mauritius was of course the home of the ill fated Dodo bird and is still the home of the biggest bats I have ever seen in my life. The Mauritian fruit bats look like fox terriers with wings. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of them, but you can Google them to see what they look like.

This video is of one of the lovely outings we had during our holiday there. We visited Marche de Flacq (Flacq Market), where I bought lots of Mauritian curry spices, vanilla pods, delicious Bois Cheri tea and a traditional Mauritian dress, amongst other things. The market is open on Wednesday and Sundays. There is so much colour and life there. I highly recommend a visit to the market if you are a foodie or avid photographer.

I also have some snaps of a cooking demonstration at our hotel where I was taught to use the spices I bought that day to make a Mauritian chicken curry. I may post a recipe with a cooking demo video at home when I get the opportunity.

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Did you see that HUGE pile of chillies in the video? I am growing some at home. They are full of flavour, not just hot. he vendors at the stalls did not seem too keen on haggling about prices like one might do (in fact you are EXPECTED to) in Thailand. Despite no discounts from most vendors (I’m looking at you, saffron seller gent, I did have a great conversation with the gentleman that sold me the chillies. He gave me more than I needed of different varieties and wrote their names down for me (Piment Cabri, Sipay & Petit).

Another video you may enjoy from our island vacation is this one of the sights on Belle Mare beach and Ile aux Cerfs.


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