Garden centre haul: Vertical garden pots, kale & more

by Lala

The hubster bought me a set of awesome, stackable vertical garden pots as well as some veggies & herbs. What a great end to the day! We went to Builders’ Warehouse (one of my favourite stores ever – I could spend hours in there) to get new glass sliding panels cut for the top of the cabinet aquarium. The glaziers did a great job – the panels fit perfectly & were neatly finished.

While we were there I went over to the garden centre section and found these amazing plant pots! Each one is shaped like a clover leaf, with three sections where you can place your plants. I immediately liked the look of them for arranging different herbs and possibly some of my more compact chillies together. It was only after I read the flier inside that I realised they can be stacked on top of each other to make a vertical garden. I really love vertical gardens

The pots are by a company called Elho (yes, we lol’ed at that). They’re from the Corsica outdoor range. This is what they look like stacked together, five high:

Elho Corsica vertical Baden pots

I also got some plants that I’ve had on my mind for some time:

    – Stevia (second or third time growing it. I left one in our first home back in 2010)
    – Cape gooseberries (I planted some from seed in spring & they did well until they were accidentally pulled out)
    – French thyme &
    – Kale for my green smoothies…or at least I hope it’s kale. There wasn’t a label.

Eldo vertical garden pots kale thyme gooseberries stevia

If the brassica (leafy green from the cabbage family) turns out not to be kale it will still be fine. All their leaves are great for fibre and for adding to smoothies. I do think it’s kale though because of the slight frilly edges on some of the leaves. Let’s see what happens and what grows in a couple of months. These brassicas grow lightning fast.

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