Getting ready for Spar Women’s Race 2015

by Lala

Hello July! I’ve got my race number for the Spar Women’s Race 2015. I’ll be doing the 5k. I’m so excited! I haven’t taken part in this race in years. It was so much fun the last time I did it, despite being terribly unfit at the time. Every year since that I’ve been struck by serious FOMO & jealousy when I see all the pics on social media.

The Pretoria leg is on 29 August 2015, at Supersport Park in Centurion. This year I’ll be there with the ladies from the office and definitely in much better condition than I am in now. I think it’s going to be quite a big group of us from work,meh inch is always fun. The Japan vacation, despite involving lots and lots of walking, also involved a lot of eating so I have to get myself in gear.

As I type this I’ve got a tab open with some goodies to get me motivated. I need an armband for my phone while jogging and a new yoga / aerobics mat after I let my nice one get permanently crinkled up by leaving it in the car boot during a heatwave February. It’s so cold now…I can’t believe that it was ever that hot.

This year the theme & social media engagement includes the hashtag #RunningFor so the participants are supposed to run for a good cause. We will probably be running for rhinos or climate action. Should be loads of fun, either way.

Spar women's race 2015 pretoria

There will definitely be a video. Having lots of fun editing the Japan holiday videos so far. You can find them in my Japan vibes playlist on YouTube.

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