Where to buy Blueberry plants in South Africa & Blossoms galore

by Lala

I’ve been so amazed at the proliferation of blossoms on our fruit trees starting in late winter and now in very early spring. There are a lot of fruit trees that I am growing for the first time which have mesmerized me by sight and smell.

One of my most anticipated projects has been the blueberries. They went semi dormant over winter, but did not lose their leaves entirely. I’m glad to report that all of them have buds, which will give us fruit around Christmas.

Blueberries in South Africa Brigitta blossom

They look just like Ericas. The Tifblue is going to have a bumper crop of berries judging by the flowerbuds:
Tifblue blueberry South Africa flower buds

That is the same little blueberry plant I repotted in this video:

As you can see the plant did extremely well over the winter, and so did its companion plant, the red mustard which has now bolted. I will remove it in a couple of days. So much salad is in my future.

If you are trying to find blueberry plants to grow in your garden in South Africa, you can find them at:
1. The Garden Shop’s various branches
a) I bought my best variety, Brigitta, at the Greenlyn Village branch, Thomas Edison street in Pretoria East
b) In July 2016 I spotted more at Flora Farm, Northrand Road in Boksburg
2. Cocoplum nursery in Garsfontein, Pretoria East (Brian doesn’t have a website, but you can Google the nursery name as he advertises in Junkmail etc)
3. Heckers Nursery on Northrand Road in Boksburg
4. Kilner Park Nursery in Pretoria (Moot area)
5. Lifestyle Garden Centre, Randpark Ridge (they had mostly Gulf Coast and few of what looked like Brigitta, all looking extremely healthy and productive)
6. Strawberry Pot, Eldoraigne Centurion (only had 4 plants of the Powderblue variety but indicated they had lots of stock earlier)

Update 19 April 2016: I will keep updating this list on a regular basis. I’m keeping it to nurseries that sell directly to the public & whom I have bought from or contacted myself. There are many commercial farms in the Western & Eastern Cape, as well as Mpumalanga. However I don’t want to add them here & cause disappointment.

Update 09 November 2016: Blueberries seem to be getting more and more common in South African nuseries. I’ve added three more locations in Gauteng where you can source them.

Be sure to read my previous posts on Growing blueberries in South Africa for more info.


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