Growing my own Tabasco chillies

by Lala

One of the many chillies I acquired over the summer was Tabasco! I have three in the pot above and two in the ground that are much bigger. I’ve found that the ones in pots tend to stay smaller and fruit earlier, and the ones in the ground grow much taller but make fruits a while later.

I’m so impressed with this hot pepper. It’s much tastier than the famous runny and vinegary sauce. I’m not a fan of that. The fresh Tabasco peppers are very juicy, full flavoured and much hotter than I expected. The sauce does nothing for me. ┬áTabasco is very ornamental. I enjoyed the yellow, red, orange and green stages of the peppers. They even have a slight striped phase as they change from yellowish green to red and orange. In the picture above, the plants had already started to lose some foliage in autumn. However during summer they were really bushy and lush.

I’m attempting to overwinter all of my peppers, so we’ll see how these hold up.

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