I need this wine barrel greenhouse

by Lala

I’ve posted about my ailing, slow growing Miracle fruit plants before (synsepalum dulcificum). They thrive on acidic soil and high humidity. I’ve got them housed in an old hex tank and they seem to be doing alright now, but not great, just carrying on. The hex tank is pretty much a self sustaining system. I haven’t watered the plants in weeks because the extreme humidity in there keeps them going.

These wine barrel base greenhouses from the UK blew my mind when I saw a post about them on Twitter! By the way, I’m @The_RainQueen on Twitter. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Now I think I cannot live without it. I’ve often wondered what I would do if / when my miracle plants start growing into small trees. I doubt they’d make it outside in the dry Gauteng climate. I also don’t like the look of plastic grow houses nor do I have a conservatory (although I often dream of a conservatory kitchen extension). Building a full on greenhouse is also not an option for me. I’ve got too many projects to manage around the place, and I’ve never had enough plants that needed a greenhouse in any case.

These barrels would be perfect for my needs. I can just picture them in a couple of the protected, but sunny spots by our pool. They look so beautifully finished and crafted by this cooperage. I’d really appreciate artisanship like this, instead of my current makeshift operation. I could grow the miracle plants in there and overwinter my chillies, tomatoes & basil.

Wine barrel greenhouse closed

I wonder if there’s any company in South Africa that makes something like this. I’m most likely heading to the Rand Show this weekend, so I will keep my eyes peeled. If you know of a local cooperage or artisan that makes them, get at me on Twitter @The_RainQueen or via my email lala@therainqueen.com

Image credit: Pictures are publicity shots from www.Barrelgreenhouse.co.uk

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