Infographics: Raising backyard chickens

by Lala

Are you thinking of raising chickens in your suburban garden? Be sure to check out this post with 5 reasons to consider doing just that, as well as the relevant bylaws for the City of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria / Tshwane and Modimolle.

Our two younger chickens are now grown and living outside with Paris and Lindsay in the Chicken McMansion. Here’s a picture of everyone enjoying brunch under a branch:

Our four brahmas

It seems Lindsay is a hen after all, despite my suspicions. However the buff brahma seems to be a rooster. See the tail plume and the spurs on the feet? We have heard him crow yet, so he may have a long and happy life ahead.

Golden rooster buff brahma

We are still getting excellent egg production, despite the colder weather. We collected 8 eggs in one go the other day. I’ve been adding more greens and vegetable scraps from the kitchen, to supplement their pellets. I saw a video from Becky’s Homestead on YouTube recommending this in order to keep egg production high during winter. Give it a try with your flock once you get started.

If you need any more tips, tricks and information to get you one step closer to your own fresh, organic and delicious eggs, check out these cool infographics:


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