Is tomorrow a record breaking SA Giant Pumpkin Weigh-In?

by Lala

2016 Weigh-In Day – Saturday the 5th of March. It’s here, TOMORROW is the 2016 Giant Pumpkin Weigh-in day.

This article is brought to you by our friends from Living Seeds, where I bought the seeds for my 2014 Giant Pumpkin growing adventure, which you can read all about by clicking the link.

After a season of hard work, tending your pumpkins, the day that you have all been waiting for is approaching at a rapid rate. On Saturday the 5th of March you will finally know where you stand in the rankings of this year’s Giant Pumpkin Competition. We have a whole lot of information to share with you about the weigh-in day and some very exciting news with regards to the prizes and new competition categories.

But, before we get to that, let me tell you a story about last years weigh-in, one of our entrants lost her ‘massive’ pumpkin, and it truly was massive, she decided not to even pitch for the competition as all she had was a small 248.5kg pumpkin that really would not be placed in the money. We spoke to her and convinced her to load it up and see what happened. This she did, and she was placed 2nd overall. Netting herself R5 000.00 when she did not even think she had a chance. I also know of another pumpkin that weighed slightly more than her’s, the owner also thought…. nah… I won’t be in the money.

So, this year with all of the hectic drought and crazy high temps, everyone has had a tough time (This is Africa after-all) bring your pumpkin, you never know what might happen… you could be in the money. This year we have a number of new entries into our competition, and looking at the online entries, we have people coming from as far as KZN, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga. For those of you driving a long way to enter our competition, please drive safely. We are really excited to be hosting you!!

Meet the 2015 Standard Bank Livingseeds Giant Pumpkin Competition Winner

Meet the winner

Above: Team “Fluffy” with their winning pumpkin. Hugo and team were the well deserved, and proud winners of the 2015 Competition.Their pumpkin weighed-in at a massive 335.5 Kgs

So before we get started on the the exciting stuff, let me give you some advice regarding your prize beauty or beauties as the case may be. There are a number of strategies out there to increase the weight on weigh-in day. The internet is full of them, however here are some reliable tips that could help you save the day. The first thing is to not pick your pumpkin until the actual day. Once it’s picked it starts to lose weight.

Next, watering your pumpkin the day prior to weigh-in will assist in that extra kilo or two, and that might just make the difference if the competition is as tight as it promises to be. The thing to be aware of is over watering the pumpkin, if you really make the ground soggy in the hopes that you will be able to force a few extra kilo’s into the pumpkin, you could very well split your prize pumpkin. Not something you want to do.

Loading your pumpkin. Rather have more hands than you need, and make sure that everyone knows what the plan is when it comes to lifting your pumpkin. Rehearse and understand what each person will do. Here are a few video’s that you can use to get an idea of how to lift your beauty.

This video is a good one, especially if you have a really huge pumpkin:

This video shows two methods of lifting a pumpkin by making a sling out of duct-tape, or surprisingly, just by sticking the duct-tape directly to the pumpkin.

And alternative method is to use an old blanket to roll the pumpkin onto and use that as a sling, naturally with all your mates helping you to lift. Whichever method you use, just make sure you have the hands to help you.

The vendors have been prepped for the day with loads of extra scrumptious meals and treats on offer. There’s an outdoor bar selling ice cold liquid refreshment ( your mates can enjoy a well deserved thank you beer from you, for all the heavy lifting they’ve done:-)) The kiddies Jungle Jim and Bouncy Castle will also be close by so you can keep an eye on your children.

You are welcome to bring a picnic blanket to spread out on the grass under the trees and just take it easy while enjoying the day. Pumpkins will be weighed from 12:00 starting with the smallest to the largest, naturally based on judgement of our critical eye for size 🙂

IMPORTANT Notes for entrants. There are some changes to the proceedings

1) Weigh-in will take place on the 5th March at the R59 Shed
2) Your pumpkins can be staged from 8h00 on Saturday the 5th
4) We will NOT be weighing the pumpkins as they come in.
4) Weigh-in and Prize Giving will take place from 12h00
5) Only Pumpkin Entrants will be directed into the rear of the R59 Shed. Please make sure you remove your vehicle to the general parking after you have unloaded.
6) If you do not have a main entry into the Competition, you are welcome to enter at a cost of R50.00. Thereafter any additional pumpkins will be at R30.00
7) If you would like to enter an additional pumpkin(s) into the competition, all you need to do is purchase an additional entry of R30.00 per pumpkin on the day.
8) Please make sure you have read our rules, and that you understand them:

Note that ALL proceeds, both Pumpkin flesh and monies collected from this competition are donated to charity, so it goes to a number of really worthy causes.

We are the largest pumpkin competition in the country, and with this prize money, this effectively makes our Giant Pumpkin Competition the one with the richest winnings in the country. Good luck guys.

Official Prizes for the 2016 Standard Bank and Livingseeds Giant Pumpkin Competition @ The Shed on Route 59

Main Entry

  • 1st Prize R 10 000.00 (If the winning pumpkin breaks the current SA Record an additional R 10 000.00 will go to the winner)
  • 2nd Prize R 5 000.00
  • 3rd Prize R 2 000.00

Junior Entry (Under 18 yrs) (All Junior prizes have been doubled this year)

  • 1st Prize R2 000.00 (Sponsored by Talborne Organics)
  • 2nd Prize R1 000.00
  • 3rd Prize R 500.00

There will be additional prizes sponsored by The R59 Shed, Standard Bank, Talborne Organics, and Livingseeds.

We have a number of fun categories that will also be in the line for some great prizes.

The Ugliest Giant Pumpkin, the Most Beautiful Giant Pumpkin, The Most Unusual Giant Pumpkin and the Smallest Mature Giant Pumpkin.

The 2016 Junior Pumpkin Art Competition

Jnr pumpkin art

Just to add to the fun and excitement of the day, this year we are including a Junior Pumpkin Art Competition. This event is specifically targeted at young growers and youngsters interested in trying their hand at creative and artistic pumpkin displays. So, rustle-up some children, their friends, or your local school, put your thinking caps on and see what exciting ideas you can come up with. Then join us for a really exciting, fun-filled day.


  • Entry is free, you just need to have your creation installed by 10h30 on Saturday the 5th March.
  • Any school group or individual may enter.
  • Maximum age of entrants is 16 yrs.
  • Any size or shape or number of pumpkins/ squash may be used.
  • Accessories may be added to the display as long as the display contains minimum 80% pumpkin/squash.
  • Judging will take place at 11:00
  • Prize Giving starts at 12:00

The main categories in The Pumpkin Art Competition are :

  • Best Pumpkin Construction 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • Best Carved 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • Best Overall 1st


giant pumpkin minion

First prize in all categories R1000, 2nd prize in all categories R500, 3rd prize in all categories R200, various gift hampers included with the top 3 prize categories.
The Pumpkin Art Competition has a collective prize pool of over R10 000

Guess the Weight Pumpkin

A R500.00 Cash prize for Guess The Weight of a Pumpkin. R10.00 per guess and all proceeds to go to Charity.

We are really look forward to seeing all of you on the day, and of course sharing in the excitement of weighing your pumpkins!

See you on the 5th of March!

May the weight be with you!

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