It’s getting hot in here: Habaneros ripening

by Lala

Finally the chillies on my little habanero are ripening. It feels like the fruit were full sized and green for over two months. It was quite frustrating watching my other peppers put out crop after crop of quickly ripening chillies.

The plant is small but has over 20 Habaneros on it & some blossoms. This is the potted one. The one in the ground in the square for garden is healthy but hasn’t made any fruit. There are blossoms on it though. I think the spot doesn’t receive the intensity and hours of sunlight that the potted one does.

Ripening habanero therainqueen

I’m quite happy with both though. I may do a habanero challenge video as well.

I plan to use these in chilli salsa and maybe a sauce. I don’t know whether I will be able to handle them fresh, sprinkled on food. This was once the world’s hottest pepper, after all. I really love spicy, bold and hot flavoured food but I must still be able to taste more than just heat. I find that the sauces temper the heat somewhat, compared to fresh peppers.

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