Lipstick Tuesdays: L’Oréal Collection Exclusive by Blake

by Lala

I just had to have this lipstick when I saw it at Clicks a week ago. I was looking for a birthday gift for my mom when I spotted a special for L’Oréal, where you’d get a cute bag with the purchase of any two cosmetics. I came across this luxurious looking lipstick with a faux leather finish case and Art Deco lettering and moulding.

Day to day, I never wear make up and especially not lipstick. I prefer lipgloss and a clean face.

The only reason I got the lipstick was because my son’s name is Blake, haha. By the way, I can’t believe Blake Lively named her daughter James. Celebrities just keep going way out there with their babies’ names don’t they?

The range of these lipsticks is very cute. There are several different shades designed by celebrities and models, including J.Lo, Ashwaira Rai, and Julliane Moore (I just watched her in the very cheesy Seventh Son, with my sister). I guess they formulated the shades to match the colouring of the celebrities, and Blake Lively is a very fair blonde. I wasn’t expecting it to really work that well on me with my caramel skin but it looks awesome! The lipstick is matte though, which I wasn’t expecting. I put a little bit of clear Carmex gloss over it and looks so cute.

I will probably use it mostly as a lip stain under clear gloss.

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