Milk in a juice box!

by Lala

Whaaaat!?! Since when has this been a thing? I love love love it. Have you seen these little boxes of milk with the straws? I have not seen hem on shelves as yet. I think these would be amazingly cute for lunch boxes…for a child or adult, or even for picnics.

For office workers this is just the perfect size for having fresh milk with your cereal and a couple of cups of coffee in the morning. Big containers of fresh milk either go off before you can use the whole thing, or people may nick them if you have a communal fridge (depending on where you work, hahaha).

My husband brought this home as part of a promo pack for some cereal. I hope these will be widely available soon, as stand alone items. What a gamer changer!

Does anyone remember the Mal Piet wines that came in similar juice boxes with the straws? I never got to try one but unfortunately they had to change thatir packaging because it was seen as potentially attractive to little children, because of the cartoon and the box. I sort of understand, but I don’t know what kind of cashier at a supermarket or liquor store would let a 6-year-old buy this.

Mal Piet juice box wine

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