Morning harvest: 15 eggs from the chickens!

by Lala

For this morning’s breakfast I sent hubby out to collect eggs from the four Brahma chickens. I joined him outside when it seemed to be taking a while. I also thought it would be fun to show baby boy the chickens. We hadn’t collected eggs for over a week, and the two busy girls Paris and Linsday were broody.

They both have been holed up inside their igloo and not even coming out when enticed with their favourite treats. Well they really put up a fight to keep the eggs. My husband got his hands pecked like crazy, while baby and I laughed at him.

After slightly tipping the igloo to coax the two hens out, we got no less than 15 organic eggs out of there! We also moved the igloo off to the side of where it was and revealed a whole lot of bugs under it. Good eating for the chickens in all that mulch.

I’m really impressed that they’ve kept laying so many eggs, despit the cooler temperatures. Chickens apparently lay fewer eggs in the winter, but when we researched Brahma hens,M&E read that they are well suited to colder temperatures and they do keep laying well into winter.

I made some for breakfast after checking them all for freshness (fresh eggs sink to the bottom of a bowl of water). So good. Thank you chickens!

Our four brahmas

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