My Hanneli Rupert rose in autumn

by Lala
Hanneli Rupert

This past summer was nothing short of brutal for my roses. I had the spring flush in October but no big show in summer. As soon as the buds formed they got absolutely fried in the heat. It was quite disappointingfor me because the roses bushes had grown so well in the two years since we moved here.

It was only in early autumn that I got to enjoy them for the second time. The temperatures cooled and we had almost two weeks of cloudy and rainy weather.

I only got this single bloom from one of my favourites, the hybrid tea Hanneli Rupert, named after the South African mezzo soprano & wine maker. I got her in 2014 from Ludwig’s Rose Farm in Pretoria. You can read more about this stunning rose here:¬†

I had searched the catalogues for a long time for a variety that was a mix of yellow and orange, and that also changes as the rose ages, so that the bush looks like three are many different colours of roses growing on it at the same time.

Hanneli Rupert rosebud

I will have to wait until this coming spring for that show, weather and climate change permitting.

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