New videos – How to grow lots of food in a small space + chicken fun

by Lala

I hope everyone is having a pleasant and safe December. We’ve been busy visiting family, collecting new plants and of course working in the garden. I’ve managed to squeeze in lots of video filming & editing which I’ll be sharing on YouTube and here. Please subscribe to my channel to get the videos immediately as they’re published and to chat with me about gardening and more. Channel is

This first video is a tour and a little tutorial on how we put together the new raised hugelkultur beds from this previous post:

This week in the garden – Blossoms, new beds & a beauty

Enjoy the video:


The second video is an older one that I just recently uploaded. It shows how I typically spent my winter weekends at home, tending the garden, feeding chickens with my little helper and something I cooked with the eggs, veggies and herbs grown right here at home.




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