Recipe: Baked (not fried) Chilli bite cake pops

by Lala

Chilli bites are a great snack, but all that deep frying puts me off. Today I got the idea to bake instead of fry them in my cake pop machine. That little gadget is really earning its keep. In order to bake them successfully you need to create a slightly lumpy pancake style batter, instead of the stiff batter that is indicated on the box.


Apart from rom being far less oily than the usual chili bites, I think these perfectly round ones are also much prettier.



1 cup / 250g Chilli bite mix (or use your favorite recipe)

2 eggs

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup sunflower oil

Add veggies and herbs to your taste. I added:

Finely chopped onion
Chopped coriander/ cilantro
Basil (Dark lady, a purple variety)
Mint & French tarragon
Mature cheddar cheese (chunks, not grated)


Baked Chilli bites ingredients

Combine the ingredients with a large spoon until you have a slightly lumpy consistency to the batter. Spray the cake pop machine with a non-stick spray, or use cooking oil. Let the machine warm up a bit before scooping spoonfuls of batter into the wells. Be careful not to overfill. Close the lid and wait about 5 minutes, or until the indicator light shows you it’s time. I check at around the 4 minute mark, and if they’re golden brown, I remove them.


Baked chili bite cake pops


Place the chilli bites on skewers or in a bowl and serve immediately. I served ours with sriracha and more chopped up chilli and coriander on mine. I prepared them to be milder than I prefer so that the whole family could enjoy them.


baked chili bites with sriracha

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