Recipe: Homemade Mango & Peach ice-cream

by Lala

This recipe for homemade ice-cream is adapted from one that my in-laws made for Christmas Eve lunch. We’ve been having a lot of fun trying out various recipes with the Krups ice-cream maker. This is the type with a bowl that you keep in the freezer, not the bigger type with a compressor / self refrigeration unit. We bought a relatively expensive (R3000) Delonghi one for Mothers Day, that turned out to be a dud so it was returned. It never managed to freeze anything. Should have known something was wrong and that it was possibly a returned item because the box didn’t look too good. The sales manager also tried very hard to pressure us into purchasing their product warrantee, which makes me suspect he knew it wouldn’t work and would need to be taken in for repairs (but hey, he’d get his commission).

After speaking to some friends, one recommended the Krups brand’s freezer bowl type, which his gran has had for many years. After the Mothers Day disaster we went back to the same store & found a Magimix one with a compressor for about R8000. I love the Magimix brand and I don’t mind paying top dollar for something of good quality that will last for many years. The box was beat up again, so we left it. I don’t think I will ever buy anything from that store. I checked Yuppie Chef and found it there, but then there was also a comparison review of the Magimix and the Krups by a lady who has her own ice-cream business. She sold me on the Krups as a perfect option for a family’s enjoyment of small batches of different ice-creams. Her review found the Magimix to be great as well, but much more suited to a business for making bigger quantities, more often.

We ended up buying the 2 Krups machines at a brick and mortar shop (offline), on special for R800 each. We got the second one for me, after ma’s success with hers. Anyway, that is my consumer watch tip on ice-cream makers. Get a simple, freezer bowl style one unless you’re running a business and don’t buy items in beat up or suspect looking boxes.

On to the recipe of this amazing ice-cream.



1 litre double cream yogurt
1 cup (250g) sugar
1 large, well ripened mango (one with no fibers)
4 small or 3 large peaches

(Recipe makes about 2 liters of ice-cream)


1. Pour yogurt & sugar into a jar blender. Blend it up and set aside to allow the sugar crystals to dissolve. No need to do this if using castor sugar.
2. Peel and dice up the mango and peaches.
3. Add them to the yogurt and blend until very smooth.

Blending the ingredients

4. Pour the mixture into your ice-cream maker, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If it is a very hot day, chill your blended mix in the fridge for about 2 hours beforehand. This recipe will need to be made in 2 batches if you’re using the Krups ice-cream maker, as it has a 1 litre capacity.
5. Once the ice-cream is ready, you can either serve right away, or scoop into a container and place in the freezer to solidify further or enjoy later.

Churned ice-cream to final product

It’s so easy and delicious. You can try this recipe with non fat or low fat yogurt, but the consistency will not be the same. It may turn out more icy like a sorbet or froyo, than creamy.


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