Recipe: Peach crumpets aka flapjacks

by Lala

This is a variation on the South African crumpets/flapjacks with a little bit of a different flavour. Visit the link for the complete recipe.

This time I added small chunks of peeled peach, while the first side of the crumpets was cooking:


They turned out great. The peaches were sweet and juicy. I drizzled a little bit of peach syrup over them for extra flavour. This syrup was purchased at the really quaint and quirky Makiti restaurant and curio stop, on the N3 highway on some roadtrip we took. They have live emus outside, kitsch decor and they sell preserves in a little shop (grim customer service though).

The flapjacks are fluffy and light. You can see the peachy bits on the other side:



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